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Bricky's Buddy is the perfect magnetic trowel holder every bricklayer needs. Gone are the days of mindlessly looking around picking your trowel up from the floor or knocking it off the wall when your however many storeys up on scaffolding. Save your back, time and money by keeping your trowel where it is most useful, by your side with the Bricky's buddy. 

This dual sided trowel holder uses the highest grade neodymium magnets available on the market so you can be sure it will remain firmly in place at all times.

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Buddy up and Let me explain 

What makes the Bricky's Buddy so special?


This unique magnetised brick trowel holder features a wide super flat surface to make it extremely easy to place your trowel but also improve the ease of wiping it down and keeping it clean.

The Bricky's Buddy is also extremely powerful, lightweight, durable, impact-resistant, chemical and weather-resistant and has even been drop tested.


A free-hanging, heavy-duty fabric strap is directly attached to the Bricky's Buddy, which acts as a belt loop and provides better movement and comfort for your everyday use.

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